Lalaji LifeStyle & Photography Awards 2021

LalaJi LifeStyle and Photography Award invites you to exhibit, showcase and share your photographs, selfies and artwork which can amaze, which can spread smiles during the deadly pandemic times, which you believe to be your best-taken shots worth sharing with the world whilst getting global recognition by our prestigious media partners.

What is LalaJiLand

AdobeStock_316929122-01 XYZ   GREY WALI.



is a very very happening land. It allows its social inhabitants to turn their talent into opportunities. It helps open the doors for lalalandians across the globe. Lalajiland is all about meaningful entertainment, purposeful lifestyle and responsible happening. It is  a NEW global theme to be.


LalaJi LifeStyle & Photography Awards 2021 are open Now.


Lalajiland is a creative community platform, whereby you create, you chose and lalajiland recognize your art by rewarding it, showcasing it on its art store and publishing it in its quarterly exclusive lifestyle Art and photography magazine. The year is rounded by recognizing your art in lalaji Annual lifestyle Award Show.

We are looking for selfies and lifestyle photographs (A Lifestyle photograph can include fashion, travelling, workout, sports, hobbies in fact pretty much anything) from all over the world. We recognize your photographic ideas and concepts by rewarding your work. You can compete for two categories: Selfie of the Year 2020 and LifeStyle photograph of the Year 2020.


Our competition is open to photographers of all backgrounds and all levels, including professionals,  amateurs, hobby photographers, photobloggers and social media photographers(Instagrammers, TikTokers, Facebookers etc). 

 How does it Go:

  • You Upload your artwork, photographs, or painting.

  • Your artwork and photographs are displayed in the shared gallery. 

  • You share your uploads with your friends and fans, for them to like.

  • Lalajiland shares the collective works on its social profiles allowing visitors to like your works.

  • Most liked artworks shall be awarded in the annual award show and shall be rewarded according to every contest's budget.

  • All the uploads will also be evaluated by the experts within the category and shall be awarded and rewarded accordingly. 

  • Critically acclaimed uploads shall be made part of The Lalaji Lifestyle Exclusive Art and Photography magazine every quarter and shall also be rewarded.

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Fashion Model

LalaJi Lifestyle & Photography Awards

  • IPhone 12 Max Pro For winner in each contest.

  • 5000 $ Reward Fund

  • Multi Category Awards

  • Publishing in Lalaji Lifestyle Magazine (Quarterly)

  • Invitation to Annual Award Show

Open Book

LalaJi Lifestyle Magazine

Lalaji Lifestyle Magazine

The critically acclaimed and award-worthy photographs will be published in LalaJi  Lifestyle Exclusive Art and Photography Magazine published quarterly.*

In addition, The Photographers of the above photographs shall be invited to Lalajiland annual award show, to present them with the awards in respective categories.**

*Only a limited number of LalaJi Lifestyle magazine shall be printed, made available exclusively upon pre-orders. Digital copy can be downloaded upon publishing.

 **Please observe that the award show may or may not be live considering WHO and respective governments policies in response to COVID19,

Classic Camera
A Picture is worth a Thousand Words.
What´s Yours
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A Picture is worth a Thousand Words.
What´s Yours
Enter The Contest to find out.
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