Frequently asked questions


Who can participate?

Anyone (Professional or Amateur) can enter the contest using any camera or mobile phone.

How do i enter?

To submit a photograph follow these simple steps: 1: Sign Up or Log in to lalajinald.netClick the Contest Lounge. 2: Click Upload Photography and Accept Terms & Conditions. 3: Pay the Fee for the Contest´s Pass. 4: Click Add Media. 5: Chose the photography you want to add. 6: Share with your friends to get liked and voted.

How can I pay my entry fee?

You can safely and securely pay with PayPal or with Debit/Credit card with Stripe.

How is the winner determined?

There are two types of contests. 1: Fame Frames (Current & Social) 2: Pro Point Fame Frames is a popular category and the winners are determined by the number of likes on the deadline. Pro Point winners are determined first on like basis and once enough likes have been attained by a certain photograph it is passed on to a group of judges. The decision of judges is final and can not be challenged.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
  • The uploaded image must be your original work and should not be subject to any copyright issues.

  • No watermark or logos allowed on the uploaded images.

  • The winner should be able to provide a Paypal account to receive the cash prize. 

  • In case of Popular category awards and prizes, the most voted and most liked images shall be automatically deemed as winners. if more than one image receive equal number of votes or likes, they prize shall be divided equally. 

  • In the case of critically acclaimed categories, The judge's decision will be final and could not be challenged.

  • Winner photographs will be published online on

  • A clearly explicit image shall be removed from the contest altogether.

  • By uploading on you agree that uploaded photographs can be used by Lalajiland in its publications, marketing and promotional materials and its online galleries.